About us

We take the pleasure to introduce ourselves as an ISO 9001-2008 certified Organization delivering products and services in the Water Management and Transmission Drive Systems. SAMPRITY Since started 1995, Pure Water has been working only water treatment system for healthy, safe and safety pollution-free environment. With an expertise of more than 25 years in the field of Water Management, we have a long and successful story in supply, installation and commissioning of Commercial and Industrial Water Treatment / Purification plants at various industries, shopping malls, housing complexes and major package drinking water plants across the eastern region. With advanced technologies and elegant design, Pure Water offers you a variety of Water Purification Systems to choose from, which exactly suit your requirements. We install and customize the required protection level based on the quality of source water available at your home/office. Our systems are equipped with components & technology, imported from abroad, that are completely reliable and quality tested.

Customer and channel partners relations very strong. Now multi types customer strength Five Thousand Above (5000) We have a wide of range of water purifiers with different technologies at an affordable price strengthen your immunity and enhance your health with alkaline antioxidant water. Our products have domestic water purifier non electric, UV system and RO system and commercial, Industrial, WTP( water treatment plant), STP( Sewage Treatment Plant) , ETP(Effluent Treatment Plant) water purification systems, And we have introduced solar technology with running water treatment system plant.

Mission: Samprity Pure Water good relationships with customers as their friend for life by satisfying suitable strong health, hygiene save and safety lifestyle. Our products and services that always innovative for quality benchmarks and provide real value for customer demand.